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Water Tanks

Many customers use a rainwater tank just to water their garden and wash the car and dog. However, some customers choose to connect their tank to internal plumbing, for example to supply a toilet or washing machine. Because this will require a back up water supply to the tank (in the event of low rainfall), these customers will have to install a 'top up' connection from Sydney Water's water supply.

Council requirements

Rainwater tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres or less generally don't need council development approval, but will still be subject to certain council requirements. For example some councils have location, colour and/or noise control requirements for tanks. Please consult your local council before installing a rainwater tank.

First flush devices, screens and guards

It's also a good idea to install appropriate screens and guards to stop debris and insects entering the tank. Installing a first flush device is essential for reducing the amount of sediment and other materials entering the tank and polluting the water.

Screens and gutter guards offer further protection by stopping insects and debris entering the tank.

Water pressure issues

If you always need to have water available in your rainwater tank, you will occasionally need to top up your tank. When you are topping up your tank, you will need a flow restrictor installed on the piping. This will ensure the water pressure supplied to your neighbours is not affected when you are filling your tank.
source: sydney water

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