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Leaf Guard
The issue of leaf matter presents a problem for gutter systems, especially in areas with vast amounts of trees and shrubs. The installation of a Leaf Guard system attempts to avoid problems such as blockages, rust, overflows, and vermin entry. Leaf Guards are available in a range of materials and styles, specifically applied to varying degrees of leaf problems.

Light to Medium Leaf Problems
For light to medium leaf problems, an internal corrigated aluminium leaf guard system is suitable, which sits inside the AluGutter™ above the internal brackets and stops leaves reaching the lower section of the gutter, allowing a clear area for water to flow.

This system involves a small amount of maintenance, as it is necessary for the built up leaf matter to be periodically removed from above the Leaf Guard system.
This leafguard system is not visible from any point, and therefore is only available in a non-painted finish.

Medium to High Leaf Problems
For more serious leaf problems, an external high quality polyethylene mesh leaf guard system is more suitable. This mesh system is U.V. stabilized and fire retarded and is made from a very high quality polyethylene. This system actually stops any leaf matter entering the gutter system at all, sitting over the first row of tiles.
Due to the angle of the mesh, any leaf matter merely slides over the mesh and off the edge of the gutter, falling back into the garden. This removes any need for maintenance as the leaf matter removal is totally automated by gravity.

It is fitted to the front bead of the gutter and bridges the gap to the roof, covering the top of the Gutter. On a Tile roof it also covers the bottom row of tiles. The mesh therefore follows the slope of the roof and allows any material falling on the roof to slide straight off, whilst the water filters through the mesh and into the gutter. This leaf guard is the only leaf filtering product that we recommend for use on any low back gutters as it prevents water back-flowing into the roof space.
The mesh is available in a wide range of colours to match almost any roof colour, allowing it to seemlessly become a part of any roof.
*These colours are merely for representation, and may differ from the true colours.

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