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Down Pipes
A Downpipe is an elongated vessel that safely transfers water from your Gutter System to the Stormwater System. Downpipes are available in two rectangular sizes in both Colourbond Steel and Pre painted aluminium, and a 90mm Colourbond Steel round size.

When choosing the size and shape of downpipe, it must be considered how much water will be travelling down each individual downpipe, and how much leaf matter will be entering the gutter system. With the installation of a leaf guard system, this consideration is removed as no leaves will enter the gutter system.

Aesthetic elements can also be considered in terms of both shape and colour, with either rectangular or round shapes fitting in with the style of each individual home. Downpipes also come in a range of colours, which can be fitted either matching the gutter system, or in a different colour, possibly matching the wall colour.
Water Storage
Downpipe to WatertankDownpipes can also serve as a means of water storage, directing water into a water tank, rather than the storm water system. Due to water restrictions and elements of environmental management, we highly recommend the installation of Watertanks. Watertanks can be used for washing cars, watering gardens, flushing toilets and various other applications without any restriction on their use. We provide a range of Watertanks in both polyethylene and steel, ranging from 600 litres to 45000 litres.

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